About Me

Hello World!! This is Harsha, the author of this blog. I am a Software professional with flair of Product Management operating from The Startup Capital of India, Bengaluru, India 🇮🇳 😊

Apart from my professional life, I love spending my quality time on hobbies which I have developed and instilled over the years. One of my hobbies is Writing, hence the birth of this blog. I have been writing since 2011 on any topic that excites me, some are story development by mere observation,experiences,opinions, different point of views, moreover all are fun,atleast I want to believe so 😀 Writing is in a way therapeutic and it brings best in me. You will find me writing on Movies, Music, Books, Travel, Cricket, Food, Gadgets, Politics, Products, Crazy Ideas etc. In particular,writing fictional stories gives me a kick. I write based on my observations, inspiration from varied topics,diverse experiences of people around me.

Do send me a shout-out if you find anything interesting in particular. Also, needless to say, feel free to post your opinions/feedback for anything coming out from this blog.

Signing off..

Happy Reading 🙂 Hope it is food for your thoughts 😇