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Filmi Chakkar..

Love movies? A Movie buff? Then this one’s for you ūüôā Films (read Bollywood films) are based out from the society around, our daily lives, varied experiences with different influences. You recently saw a perfectly etched character […]

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Preface: This short story is a work of fiction. Hope you will enjoy it ūüôā Ek¬†Ladki¬†Thi Pretty Si Shayad¬†Woh¬†Mujh¬†Par Marti Thi Chori¬†Chori¬†Chupke¬†Chupke¬†Smile Kiya¬†Karti¬†Thi Kuch¬†Khehna¬†Tha Shayad¬†Usko Jaane¬†Kisse¬†Darti¬†Thi Jab Bhi¬†Milti¬†Thi¬†Mujhse Bas Blush Karthi¬†Thi… I am a IT engineer […]