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Preface: This short story is a work of fiction. Hope you will enjoy it 🙂 Ek Ladki Thi Pretty Si Shayad Woh Mujh Par Marti Thi Chori Chori Chupke Chupke Smile Kiya Karti Thi Kuch Khehna Tha Shayad Usko Jaane Kisse Darti Thi Jab Bhi Milti Thi Mujhse Bas Blush Karthi Thi… I am a IT engineer […]

History Repeats…

I was in 9th grade, an above average student,loved Mathematics and Cricket. If Math was fun, Social Studies was more fun because of my favourite and sabka favourite teacher. I loved history, found geography and economics interesting and […]